The Pillow

When we are young, we often are given stuffed toys to play with. I have a slight trauma, because I had scads of them, as an only child until I was seven, but then seemingly, I developed an “allergy” to them, and they were all removed. But, I digress.

When we grow older, however, we have to put away these childish things. Until, we get diagnosed with breast cancer, and guess what? Now, we can get a soft, Gund-like stuffed pillow, specifically made to fit under your operative arm after mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery, and especially after having lymph nodes removed from your armpit. We can do this with impunity. Heck, we can even walk around outside with in, in broad daylight, and no one will say a darn thing.

It helps amazingly with post surgical pain, and even with shoulder pain. Often, shoulder pain can occur after having breast cancer surgery.

So, do yourself a favor, and revisit the possible joys of your childhood, by getting yourself a post op pillow.

It is entirely machine washable and dry able. Is that a word? 

And, it is hypoallergenic!