Kristen's Story

Kristen talks about the power of positive visualization.

Whitney & Casey on how to manage the diagnosis

Whitney & Casey on staying focused

 Whitney & Casey on how to maintain a balanced life

Susan's Letter

 Hi Annette;

  When we think of what you have done for us, we think of ...

1. Your availability to us – email, cell, telephone. 

2. Your knowledge you shared with us – lessening our tears, calming our fears, focusing us on today and away from fear of tomorrow – giving us hope and directing us to your network of knowledgeable and caring team of doctors; Dr Vipan Jain and his assistant Amy, Dr Ron Holliday, and Dr Logan.

3. Your compassion – knowing you cared about us and what we were experiencing and the giving of your time to spend with us and join with us in meeting with our other doctors so you could help us better with the information they shared as well as build your knowledge base to help others.

4. Supportive of our decisions – letting us know that our decisions were right for us since we made them in an informed way.

5. Being our friend through all the many ways we mentioned above as well as many other ways you cared for us.

In summary, Annette, thank you for being our Angel.
Love and blessings, Susan and Bill


Connie's Story

I stumbled across Dr. Annette Richard’s Web site the night I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma, days after my 40th birthday. I emailed her immediately. She replied the next morning and insisted we meet that day. 

Dr. Richard answered all my questions and explained in detail what the next steps might look like. Every question my husband and I had was answered and the fear of the cancer diagnosis was replaced with knowledge and empowerment. My husband and I were confident we had found the right doctor to walk with us on this journey...whatever that included. 

Dr. Richard followed up with phone calls, emails, and more appointments. She even met with my parents who were stricken with the fear of their second daughter having cancer. They were scared for my life. At our house, she is called our “rock star” doctor. She is one in a billion and we are forever grateful for the impact she has had on our lives. She is a gift from God as an angel on earth. 

Through every step of my cancer journey she has been a great source of strength and encouragement...providing facts, prompt referrals, and even accompanying me to see my oncologist. She is a special blessing to her patients and goes above and beyond any doctor I know. 

I’m sure if Oprah were introduced to Dr. Richard, she would end up on her “favourite things” show, because she is someone you simply can’t live without!

Connie Berry, Sarnia, Ontario 



Janet Clarke 

“I wanted to say THANKS for the pillow gift and CD. The pillow is my constant companion and is such a wonderful help for my sore underarm. The community nurses were wondering if these were for sale...” 


Hanna Hobrzanska 

“ Within a day, I was able to see Dr. Richard in my house. I considered meeting this team like a miracle in a truly extremely difficult time, charged with strong emotions ranging from anxiety, fear, uncertainty, to anger (why me?). “ 


Dorothy Keillor 

“ I had regular mammograms and the occasional ultra sound since the age of 37. At that time, I had a benign mass in the right breast. My cancer was in the left breast...”