Uninsured Services  

You have the ability to pay for uninsured services online with your credit card. You can also pay in person, with cash or a cheque at Dr. Richard’s office. 

“Annual Block Fee for Prescription Refills and One Time Services” Plan

If you want to pay online with your credit card and you want to have your prescriptions refilled without needing to book an appointment, then sign up for the “Annual Block Fee for Prescription Refills and One Time Services” plan, found here. The fee is $50 per year to have prescriptions filled without booking an appointment. Fees for one-time, uninsured services are found below.

Click here to sign up for the “Annual Block Fee for Prescription Refills and One Time Services” Plan

“Just Doctor’s Notes” Plan

If you want to pay online with a credit card, and only want to pay for one time fees (such as doctor’s notes and having forms filled out), then sign up for the “Just Doctor’s Notes” plan found here. If you are signed up to the “Just Doctor’s Notes” plan and want to have prescriptions refilled, you will need to book an appointment. You will not be charged when you sign up for this plan. You will only be charged when you request Dr. Richard to carry out an uninsured service, like filling out a form or writing a doctor’s note.  Fees for one-time, uninsured services are found below.

What You Should Know About Fees for Uninsured Services

Taken from the Ontario Medical Association (www.oma.org). See more here.

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) provides coverage for a vast majority of physician services; however, there are some services that are not covered. Physicians are pleased to offer these valuable services; however the responsibility for payment lies with the patient or the third party requesting the service. 

Quality healthcare, medical advice and timely access are priorities that Ontario's physicians intend to honour. Speak with Annette for more information about other health care services that are not covered by OHIP. 

Examples of services not covered by OHIP


Medical Services

  • Examinations/diagnostic tests necessary to satisfy requirements requested by employers, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. 
  • Pre-adoption examinations
  • Prescription renewals without a visit
  • Travel medicine advice and services for traveling outside of Canada
  • Telephone advice if initiated by patient
  • Completion of Forms and Medical Records
  • Medical/legal reports
  • Federal government forms
  • Certificates for the purpose of travel, immigration, employment, etc.
  • Driver’s/aviation medical exam and other licensing forms/certificates
  • Insurance forms, reports and certificates, such as:
    • Disability certificate
    • Treatment plan
    • Insurance medical examination reports
  • Completion of work and school related forms/notes, such as:
  • Sick or back-to-work notes
  • Admission to day care/schools/ recreational
  • Employer requested reports/forms (e.g., form physicals)


Administrative Services

  •  Copying medical records, reports and letters at the patient’s request
  • Transfer or summary of medical records at the patient’s request
  • Missed appointments without sufficient notice


Dr. Annette Richard’s Fees for Uninsured Services


Fee structure as stipulated by the Ontario Medical Association

  • Annual fee for prescription re-fills (no appointment required)
    • $50
  • Completion of forms for Driver's Physicals
    • $30 
  • Sick note and/or Back to Work note
    • $20
  • Notes for Physio, Chiropractic, Massage, Hypnosis, Acupuncture
    • $20
  • Disability Tax Credit form
    • $50
  • Attending Physician's Statement
    • $140
  • CPP form
    •  $85
  • Copying Medical records
    •  $35 (first 20 pages) 
    •  $0.30 per page thereafter